Adam Chapman
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Legible Nature:
Fate is an Afterthought

Generative Video Installation for Ceiling Projection
Custom Software & Display, 2006
Adam Chapman

Legible Nature: Fate is an Afterthought, models the flight patterns and physical movements of Atlantic Gray Gulls. The natural laws of these flight patterns are altered so that the birds periodically converge to form letters. These letters slowly spell out poems from the Manyoshu, a diverse collection of eighth century Japanese poems which employ the fleeting beauty of Nature as a common metaphor. A complete cycle of poems takes nearly two hundred days to complete, every second of the installation is uniquely generated by the rules of the system. The piece embodies the struggle to make sense of that which is fleeting and whose comprehension remains just beyond our grasp.

A glossy, sky-blue box houses both projector and computer, projecting the piece onto the ceiling, and seeming to float above the floor.

Skyboxes is a complimentary series of size-variable, wall-mounted, looped videos of a single letter forming over and over. Select "Video 2" to the left to view documentation Skybox: L.

Legible Nature: Fate is an Afterthought was completed with the generous support of the MacDowell colony.

Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg, Germany
Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation, Mallorca, Spain, 2007
Kasia Kay Art Projects, Chicago, IL. 2007
Carnegie Art Center, Buffalo, NY. 2007
911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA. 2006
Museum of Art of Brazil, FundaÇÃo Armando Álvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2006
Lumen Eclipse, Boston, MA 2006